Term One Maths Bee @ Raffles Independent School

Making Learning Fun!

Every Term at Raffles Independent School we hold a Maths Bee. This is an opportunity for our students to test their Maths skills in a fun, competitive environment. There are multiple rounds with solo and group competitions. The winners are rewarded with certificates and prizes but every student enjoys taking part.

These internal maths competitions are also great practice for the international competitions we regularly take part in. Raffles Independent School regularly provides opportunities for out students to measure themselves against others in the wider world. We provide our students with the opportunity to take part in SASMO (Singapore and Asian Schools Maths Olympiad) , AMO (American Maths Olympiad)and ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) competitions.

As always, pictures from all of this weeks events have been added to our Facebook Page, but you can also see them displayed below.

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