Indonesian Independence Day @ Raffles Independent School

Practicing Synergy!!

This week saw the 71st anniversary of Indonesian Independence. To celebrate this historical and culturally significant day, Raffles students took part in a day of competitions and team games. The events ranged from the singing of patriotic Indonesian songs through to games which involved teamwork and communication skills. It is fitting that to celebrate Independence Day our students learnt that coming together makes us stronger.

At Raffles Independent School, we aim to make every activity into an opportunity to learn and grow. Independence day is an opportunity to celebrate culture and multiculturalism through remembering the history of Indonesia. The games and activities we took part in were not just for fun, they helped to develop the skills of our students. Teamwork, communication, problem solving and a health competitive streak, will all be very useful when our students go on to become champions in the world of work.

As always, pictures from all of this weeks events have been added to our Facebook Page, but you can also see them displayed below.

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