Our Vision and Mission

Raffles Independent School (RIS) serves the educational needs of our expat and local families in Balikpapan to provide an excellent, international standard of education that enables students to acquire critical and creative thinking skills, academic knowledge, personal values and cultural awareness all with international qualifications. Our teaching programs and co-curricular activities are designed to let students gain a higher understanding and environmental awareness. Our students undergo holistic, experiential, active and purposeful learning and develop strong self-respect and respect for others, excellent communication skills, cooperation skills, creativity, self-esteem, and self-reliance.

As its vision and mission suggest, Raffles is developed to be a school that does not disadvantage anyone who lives and works in this remote part of the world. It is prepared to provide benefits and added values to the development of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan in particular, and of Indonesia in general both in education and non-education sectors. Raffles is developed to create future leaders and future global citizens.

Vision for our children:

“To teach the adults of the future (our students) the secrets of success in business and society.”

Mission for our school:

“To apply an advanced and highly productive teaching method that allows our children to develop confidence and leadership skills in preparation for the world of business and finance. Further promoting their creative strengths based on a strong foundation of respect for culture, their families, their society, the environment and themselves.”

Raffles Ten Principles

The following Ten Principles provide guidance both for our teachers, to show how the education at Raffles is operated, and for our students, to show what qualities are being developed and driven in themselves through their Raffles education.

  • Show the child how to differentiate between facts and fiction and the process of logical thinking.
  • Teach the child the optimal way to create a memory storage system in their head. Provide an optimal environment that will stimulate their mind to achieve maximum development. Use this to learn from ours and others past experiences.
  • Prepare the child to question things and give them the ability to conduct research to verify accepted “facts”.
  • Give them the means and the ability to tie up facts and figures to real life situations and applications.
  • Provide them the means to gain control over their body and mind. To know and trust themselves and their abilities.
  • Make them always look for faults in the person in the mirror first and teach them techniques of self-analysis so that they develop control of their words and actions.
  • Teach them to utilise available tools and references so that when the time comes, they will be ready and confident in their ability to succeed.
  • Build the necessary social skills in them that will enable them to fit in anywhere and to harness their environment in order to achieve the maximum results.
  • Let them know that emotions can be strengths or weaknesses, and then show them that they should include these in their choices.
  • Demonstrate to them that the driving force and the strengths of a person lie in the values they themselves demonstrate and hold dear. Then show them the value of: Truth, Respect, Politeness, Justice, Loyalty, Integrity, Compassion and Valor.