Raffles Success Stories

RIS is where students and parents have found a place of belonging.  There are many more voices echoing the Raffles success stories…

“How Tisya went from a shy girl with no English to a confident English speaker in just half year being at RIS”

Thank you for helping Tisya grow in a safe learning environment. We’ve seen her English improve significantly and we’ve also witnessed a great improvement in her social skills. As parents, we also feel she is loved and watched over at RIS and that bring us great peace of mind. (Mel & Guy Groover)

“How Miracle was accepted in 2 schools in Adelaide at grade IX for next year, Jan 2012.

Raffles Independent School

After 2.5 years being at Raffles together we turned a non-English speaking student into a world-class one.  Her Mother told us how proud they were when they took Miracle to those schools and did her admission test. She couldn’t thank us enough.” It was her decision to join Raffles that helped her daughter “


‘Raffles knows and respects how difficult and important choosing the right school is’.

Raffles Independent School

We helped develop the confidence in Richard so that he dreams of becoming a future President of Indonesia and he is doing extremely well today in his Australian school. He became the star of year in 2009. He is a leader and displays all the strengths of ‘Self Belief and Trust’.


“RIS is more than a high standard school. RIS is a family and a project full of passion.”

This is RIS, a place where children learn, play, laugh and become confident with their skills, knowledge and expectations. Even in our country, the kids never arrived home with such big smiles and full of happiness, but that happened to my kids from the very first day at Raffles Independent School. RIS is more than a high standard school. RIS is a family and a project full of passion. Trips around the city, outdoor classes, visiting places such as orphanages, parks, government offices, and many indoor events are all samples of the extraordinary efforts to teach the kids the way of growing up in harmony with the others, and with themselves. (Robert & Maria Gutierrez)

Nathan & Ethan had a blast in Raffles School. Thank You!

Raffles Independent School

They are now settling in their new school, St. Christopher, here in Nairobi Kenya. Nathan was to join grade 5 and Ethan grade 1 but they have been moved ahead to grade 6 and grade 3 respectively.  Life opens up to opportunities that we cannot even imagine.  As a family settling in the vast community of Balikpapan, we could not in our wildest imagination expected to be part of Raffles.  Raffles is truly a FAMILY that welcomes one with warmth, respects one’s culture and explores to interact with different background to create a little United Nation within themselves.  We, as the Mwaniki’s were very pleased to be part of you Raffles. Nathan & Ethan had a blast in Raffles school. They were taught to be self-sufficient and to grow to be respected men in the world. They had lots of fun in class, in the extra activities, events and school trips. They will never forget Raffles School – Balikpapan.  They are now settling in their new school, St. Christopher, here in Nairobi Kenya. Nathan was to join grade 5 and Ethan grade 1 but they have been moved ahead to grade 6 and grade 3 respectively. This is a proof of the amazing dedication and hard work of the teachers and the whole team at Raffles School.  ” If am to ‘Achieve’ – in Myself I must ‘Believe’ “ a motto that they boys will continue to adhere to even in their new school. “I am happy to have met and made friends with all of you in Raffles. I am nervous going to a new school but am looking forward to do my best and make more friends. Thank you”, says Nathan. Ethan says “I miss all of you very much and would love to come back to Indonesia.” We all thank you Raffles Independent School – Balikpapan and we hope to meet again.  God bless you all and keep the spirit going.  As we say here in Kenya, asante sana na Mungu awabariki – Terima kasih banyak dan Tuhan memberkati. (Nathan, Ethan, Monica & Roy Mwaniki)

How Vanessa was able to regain her lost year …

Raffles Independent School

During the years that Vanessa was under your tuition, we have seen her grow into a responsible, confident young lady. She  has been encouraged to take risks and try new things which have enabled her confidence to develop, in many areas, especially the arts. She enjoys learning at school and this is a testimony to the curriculum, which is designed to promote this whilst it also allows students to become “learners” and true “citizens of the World”.  We initially had some concerns regarding Vanessa’s academic abilities, as she has jumped from year 6 up to year 8. However, we are very happy to report that Vanessa is finding the school work well within her abilities. She mentioned during our last conversation that most of the work was “stuff we had already covered at Raffles”. Needless to say, this was music to my ears and gave us a huge sense of relief, in that we had made the correct decision for Vanessa.  “The changes in Vanessa’s life, since she has been at Raffles have been extraordinary.” She has regained the year that she had previously lost and more importantly, where once she was shunned by her classmates, (in her school in Perth); she is now very popular at her new school.  It is also a true testimony to you Mr. Ravi, in your abilities as a teacher. You are able to develop students to become keen “learners” and once their minds are willing/hungry to learn, you help the students to develop to their full potential and feed that hunger. I remember you telling me that if the students were willing to learn at a faster pace, then you were happy to open the door for them and guide them on their way and this is how Vanessa was able to regain her lost year.  One of the greatest concerns for parents is the education of their children and we are very happy that we made the decision to enroll Vanessa at Raffles. We are very proud of Vanessa and her achievements and in the person she has become. And with this letter, we acknowledge your help in enabling her to achieve this. We cannot thank you enough.  I would be happy for you to post this on your website and forward to other parents with students at Raffles. Please feel free to distribute to prospective parents also.  In closing, we wish you all the best for the future at Raffles and I am sure there will be many more success stories to follow.  Thank you very much for all your effort and support.  (Jim and Aster Ryan)

How Parents discovered significant (improvements) changes in their child:

Raffles Independent School

As an employee of Oil & Gas Company, my family and I must be ready to move to any place the company requires us to. We believe that staying together as a family is better than to be separated by distance and therefore we moved the whole family to Balikpapan.  Samuel was 5 years old with some problems in communication and behaviour (hyper-active). In Bandung, we put him in behavioural treatment to improve his communication & concentration. When we moved, the therapy program for Samuel was not completed yet.  Fortunately, our friends in BPN informed us about Raffles International School. We heard many testimonies that children like Samuel were welcome to the school.  “After few months studying at Raffles BPN, we discovered significant changes in Samuel.”  He could communicate better; express his idea and feelings in English & Indonesian. He knows some of cultural songs/games/tradition and the most important thing is that he shows good self confidence.  I realized that the school environment has contributed in accelerating these behavioural changes in Samuel. He had friends at his age or even older than him, good & cooperative teachers that are fully dedicated to take care of the students.  Parent-teacher meeting is also one effective way to give feedback to improve the school program and condition. Thanks to all teachers who have never tired been to listen to our feedback and took appropriate action.  We are now living in small city of France called Pau, a new chapter of my professional career. Samuel is studying at Bearns International School without any problems with neither his English nor any other school’s subject. We would like to thank Raffles for everything you all are in our memories.  (John, Riska & Samuel, August 19, 2013)