Our Curriculum

Raffles Independent School applies the Cambridge curriculum and is an accredited Cambridge International School, with English as the instructional language both inside and outside the classroom. Implementing the Cambridge International Curriculum ensures that our students receive a truly international standard of education. Our teachers are trained and certified by Cambridge, following a continuous process of skill progression and review. Raffles students sit a standardised intentional examination at the end of each academic year, this gives them experience with international standard examinations but also enables us to track the students’ progress against other students in other Cambridge International Schools. The Cambridge Curriculum is taught in more than 10,000 schools in over 160 countries around the world.

Our own Raffles Curriculum focusses on our ‘Whole Child’ model. Our teachers implement continuous assessment of every student according to their individual skills and needs. This results in students who are not only strong academic performers but also demonstrate the 12 aspects of the Raffles Student Profile:

– Compassionate –
– Confident –
– Courageous –
– Creative –
– A Great Communicator –
– Happy –
– Honest –
– Independent –
– A Leader –
– Respectful –
– Smart –
– Well-Behaved –

The delivery of the curriculum at Raffles is very unique as it is based on open ended inquiry, which we integrate into all of our subjects, to make learning interesting and meaningful, connecting it with the real world.

NOT ‘repeat after me’ but ‘this is for____! and after you learn this you can do ____!’

At Raffles, every child is encouraged to be an enquirer and there is no fear factor as we believe “No question is a fool’s question.”

RIS practices the fusion of traditional values with the best global practices in learning through a scientific curriculum, international exposure and effective communication.

Raffles Independent School

Our Activities

The Assembly

Our daily assemblies are aimed at having the students practice and demonstrate confidence, respect, politeness, responsibility, expression (critical thinking) and communication skills. We include regular guest speakers to share their success, motivational and inspirational life stories.

Field Trips

We carry out regular field trips with the aim of connecting classroom lessons with real-life experience. Our visits have included the Fire Station, Post Office, Police Station, Immigration, Banks, Hotels, City Library, Supermarket, Airport, Orphanage, Clinics & Hospitals, Botanical Garden, Book Stores, Media Organisations

Social & Extra Events

Through our events we aim at provide fun learning experiences as well as creating a close interaction between the school and parents. We conduct Spelling Bee Contests, Look-Alike Contests, Bee in My Bonnet, Indonesia’s Independence Day Celebration, Sport Days, Cooking Classes, Class Parties, Bazaars, Math Olympiads, UN Day, Raffles Friendship Day, Kartini Day, Earth Hour, Mother’s Day, Science Quests, Poem Recitations, Founder’s Day, Annual Concerts and Graduation Ceremonies as well as a Radio Show