A Message From Our Founder

We founded Raffles Independent School, formerly Raffles International School to enable children and families from all walks of life to access high quality tuition whilst living in this remote part of the world.

Since the school was established we have tried to nurture and support the development of the children through various initiatives.

We developed the Ten Principles of an Early-Start Education approach, these coupled with an international curriculum designed to develop the whole child and connect them to their world. We have to date been extremely proud of the success and growth in our children.

Today we find Raffles from the original 4 children, has grown into a happy and healthy environment with the expert teaching staff and focused teams. The goal of educating and supporting our leaders of tomorrow is very clear and our vision of the future is bright.

As always this can only be sustained by exceptional people and systems and Raffles can be very proud of the quality of the teachers and support personnel. My wife and I know that they are the beacons of the future and respect and support their great works.

We invite you to come and experience the difference in the Raffles school with academic goals that are re-enforced with scruples to create effective global citizens we can all be proud of.


Mr. & Mrs Luis De Jesus