About Our School

Raffles Independent School

We are a private, co-educational and international school that celebrates diversity along with academic excellence in Indonesia at an affordable price.

We aim to make changes in the education world, not only to ensure your children excel in the use of the English language but also to teach and maintain eastern values with western techniques so that we can create optimal results in our students.

We provide an excellent international education that enables students to acquire critical and creative thinking skills, academic knowledge, personal attributes’, values and cultural awareness all with international qualifications.

We work hard to understand the needs of each individual student as they progress through their school career. Our special blend of the Cambridge International Curriculum with our own Raffles Curriculum gives your children the best chance to achieve their individual potential.

Raffles Product

Raffles product is a continuous series of combined approaches that are performed to develop a complete human being, one with clear self identity. Raffles education enables children to express themselves through writing and visually – children are taught that the best presentation is themselves, that they will communicate to the world not only through their words but also through their body language and self-confidence. The world will judge them not only from what is visible to its eyes but also from the impression that it feels when communicating with them. Raffles education will also enable children to express themselves verbally. A set of processes and tools have been and will continue to be developed to achieve this desired product.

Raffles operates on 3 levels as the Instructional Education providers:

  • International Standards Organisation (ISO) methodology – The ability to “Repeat and Maintain” standard processes within the administrative and curriculum function of a school’s operation.
  • Raffles methodology – This is built around “Points of Enquiry” where children develop multiple skills from one task unlike the traditional methods where one class is to teach one thing and the child has no clear picture of the “Purpose” of their schooling journey. The key focus is on developing skills for life so children can run, operate and manage their lives and business into the future.
  • Individual Portfolios and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation process. – We have a defined training “pre-start” program that teachers do to ensure this method is clearly understood. The vision, principles and objectives are clear prior to commencement of teaching.
  • Each child is special and must be “holistically” evaluated by the teacher and then we define a point of balance in their skills range to allow for development of weak areas whilst keeping them motivated with encouragement of their strong areas.

    We then also develop a long term plan for each child in order to discuss and co-ordinate with parents in an effort to “Strategically” support the children.

    In line with this method we will teach good habits that will be long term forming and will later support the children in their memory retention and problem solving abilities.